The “Political Philosophy Research Laboratory. From Action to Theory” (EPoPhi) is a structure of the Faculty of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, integrated in the Sector of Philosophy. It is a team-based effort to showcase and philosophically approach issues concerning the contemporary socio-political reality (acts of racism, conspiracy theories, fundamentalism, multiculturalism, lawlessness and democratic tolerance, etc.)

But why ‘From action to theory’? 

This wording suggests that the upcoming activities of our Laboratory aim to put political philosophy to the service of events, so that it is not an exclusively academic, omphaloscopic endeavor. In this context, the Laboratory’s aim is to function as an academic research facility which does not remain on the margins or fringes of political and social developments — instead, it seeks to bring political meditation into the eye of the cyclone. Under these conditions, cooperation with other disciplines of humanities and social sciences will also be sought, since the well-rounded critical approach to modern reality necessarily calls for interdisciplinarity.